About Nomsa Faith

Hi, I’m Nomsa Faith and Welcome to Millenials360. Are you struggling to cope with life? I once did.

Do you want more out of life but wonder how? I’ve felt like that before. Do you feel disoriented and out of sorts? I’ve been there before.

This is a personal blog but it’s also a melting pot with lots of information to help you be the best version of yourself.

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Who is Nomsa Faith?

An internet entrepreneur, life and business coach, ESL teacher and world traveler with an obsession for personal development, making the most out of my potential as a human being and making a difference in the lives of others.

At 20 years old, I began my self-development journey and have since been obsessed with learning and growing in all areas of my life.

I started Millenials360 as a way to help others commit to mastering every area of their lives through self-development, including health, fitness, emotions, mindset, relationships, financial freedom, passive income, starting an online business, and spirituality.

Nomsa Faith

My Story

Growing up, I was an orphan. My father passed away at 8 and my mother at 14. The world is a jungle. Life taught me that I needed to be strong to survive, to stand up for myself, and to believe that I am more than the challenges I face. It took a lot of willpower and self-belief to be where I am but I learned that I could manifest what I wanted.

Along the way, I kicked depression to the curve, ventured into unknown countries and business territories and succeeded, started online work, built networks, and learned how to make money online. I have told myself that, I will NEVER settle for less than I can be, do, give, or create.

Whether it is helping you to be more productive and independent, be healthier and fit, inspire you to improve yourself, motivate you to pursue your goals, awaken in your self-belief, and create financial freedom. It is my mission to awaken a positive change in you and unlimited capability out of your potential.

I would like to give back to you all that I have learned during all of my short space of time alive. On this blog, I will passionately share my journey, strategies, resources, and tools that have made a quality difference in my life. You can start here

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