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12 Tips On How To Homeschool Children Legally in Zimbabwe?

I’m really excited to have you here. Thank you so much Frida, for allowing me to feature you on my blog. I love your blog by the way. You talk about children, family and Christian values. Please check out her blog here.

Question 1

Why this niche in particular?

Question 2

Have you always been a big advocate for kids?

Question 3

How many chidren do you have?

Question 4

What’s a typical day like for you?


How do you manage your children?

Question 6

The whole world has been put to a stand still due to Covid 19,could you please give other moms and dads out there heads up on how to handle having the kids at home 24/7 seeing thats what you do daily?

Question 7

Now, I asked you here to ask about homeschooling! You are the first person i have met here in Zimbabwe, who homeschools her kids. Wow! Im so impressed! I thought this was for America, Europe, abroad you know. So, please explain to me and our readers what homeschooling is?

Question 8

What do you need to set it up ? Where and who should you see to start?

Question 9

Are children qualified to go further in education, if you decide to enroll them in a regular school?

Question 10

Why homeschool instead of regular school?

Question 11

What about interaction? Aren’t kids supposed to form friendship,bonds from school?Don’t you think your children are missing out?When do they play with other kids?

Question 12

Is this for the rich only or anyone can do it? What are the challenges to plan for and the advantages of homeschooling?

Question 13

Any advice to those who found this interesting and are now thinking about it?

It has been quite enlightening and I’m really impressed with what you are doing with your kids. I wish you all the best! Thank you for sharing this information.


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