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Common Mistakes You Should Avoid Making With Your Housemaid?What To Do?

Sunday is one of the best days of my life. I always look forward to the worship, the word and prayer.My blood pressure once shot up after hiring a maid who didn’t want to be told what to do.She was quite arrogant! We ended up fighting. I threw her clothes out .

Please take it into consideration that  I was a little bit young in those days and high tempered. I admit I could have handled the issue amicably but she said to me that she wouldn’t be seen dead pushing a wheel barrow.That just set me off!I made a living out of that and didn’t give a hoots about anyone seeing me do that. Actually, I paid her from it! So, I didn’t appreciate anyone making fun of my business. 

Anyways, I used to breed chickens and had my 2 boys already by that time.

First Mistake

I employed the lady stating that she would take care of the kids only, housechores and laundry while I did my business. So, she didn’t bat her eyelids when I felt that I needed assistance and I thought that she would go out of her way to help me. She didn’t! To cut the long story short, I used to walk a couple of kilometers to buy a bag of feed then carry it either by a wheelbarrow. One particular day, I asked her to go purchase the feed. She downrightly refused and began shouting at me.Honestly, I laugh about it now but on that particular day I was totally shaken. I threw out her clothes and locked my doors. I didn’t have all of her salary but I couldn’t be bothered. I was really angry with her.

What to do:

1.Be specific about the work you expect your helper to do. If you want her to clean up the house and if you have a little project on the side. Let her know. Also, if you don’t know what help you will need later just tell her that she will need to do all the chores in the house and its then up to you to set boundaries.

2.Say out your expectations of her on the first day. Do you want the house clean all the times? Should she clean up the windows and the walls also? Is she going to be collecting the kids and fetching water? Will she be cooking also etc?

3.BE SPECIFIC. I mean , if you want the laundry washed 3 times a week , let her know. Don’t think that she will figure it on her own as we all have different backgrounds and were mostly raised differently. If there is a need for extra income, please add those dollars. It’d rather be better keeping her than looking for another person impromptu.

4.I would suggest that you show her how you tidy up, take care of kids and do things around your house. This means writing down in detail so that you do not forget anything that needs to be shown or said.

5.Don’t forget to also tell her the language you use around the house as some of them say vile words without knowing that they are unacceptable.

6.You should also have a set of rules. Remember that you are going to be staying with this person, if not, she is going to be in your premises most of the time. Get into all the little nitty details and do not leave any stone unturned. One of my rules is that I do not want her boyfriends or her friends in my house. If she wants to meet up with her friends , then she should do it in her free time and far away from my place.

I can not reiterate how important this is. It is going to decide whether you’ll have a good start with your maid or not. Remember that you should reprove her in a professional way if you do not like what she is doing.

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