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Are you Best Friends with your House-Maid?What you should discuss with your helper.

I know you read about me throwing out my maid’s clothes after our altercation. If you didn’t , click here . She didn’t want to be sent for extra chores and I felt like she had sized me up. Well,today , I’m going to talk about quite a sensitive issue. Some people say you shouldn’t be too rigid in the house , you should be more approachable etc.

I believe a woman is the one who sets the tone of her home. I have tried it and If you haven’t, well, the pudding is in the tasting. Wake up one of the days in the morning shouting and angry at people , you will soon feel the heaviness and everyone will¬† walk on tiptoes around you.

Therefore, I have tried to always be in a lighter mood. Laughing and sharing jokes with my maid has always and is still one of the things I do.

Second Mistake

Your Helper Is Not Your Friend.

You can’t all of a sudden become best of friends. Do not share secrets with her. If you are married, engaged or have a boyfriend , do not discuss your husband (especially husband), relatives, finances and friends with her.

Surely,there are a lot of other topics to talk about. I have a helper who went away a long time ago but we had stayed together for 2 years and I was really shocked recently being told by an extended relative that I had discussed about him with her. Shocked is an understatement!

I was appalled, angry and left confused.

What’s worse is that, he believed her and for like 4 years he never confronted me. He only told me about this recently. I was hurt , honestly. I had stayed for so long with her that I think she now knew the ins and outs of my family not that I sat down and spoke to her about my family. Now that I recall, there were so many times that I found these two with their heads together in cohorts.They were almost the same age and she would become lively whenever my relative came.

Anywhere, I’m guilty of being absolutely friendly in a bid to make my helper comfortable and happy.

What to do:

1.Set boundaries. Your husband, boyfriend, fiance’ , relatives and friends are yours alone. Do not give room for discussions. If by any chance she wants to talk about them , listen to her and make sure she understands that you do not talk to her about such issues.

2.Put on a serious face sometimes. It doesn’t mean that you should be a hard person. No! It just means that you should have days that you keep to yourself by staying inside your bedroom or lounge quietly.

3.Give out instructions without smiling especially for serious and important issues. Smile only when its absolutely necessary. Do not feel apologetic and guilty about instructing her. Drop that classical shame! This is a professional relationship and you are allowed to get your money’s worth .

We both need each other. Remember, she wouldn’t be in your house if she didn’t need your money and If you also didn’t need her service. Exercise your authority. This I mean in a polite and professional manner. No apologies!

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