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Celebrate Life: Prince Musarurwa.

Its in the middle of the night and I know I should be sleeping but well I needed to pen down my thoughts. I join the nation in tears. My heart is ripped apart, more so because I didn’t celebrate your art. Like a lot of you , I didn’t acknowledge the talent.

Its not like we didn’t dance to the tunes or enjoy the beats . We did, but I think I didn’t support him like I should have. Its human nature to celebrate and long for that which has gone. Its human nature to take each other for granted. I do it. I bet you do it too.

I once lost that which was absolutely valuable to me . I have cried myself to sleep and wished to hear her voice. Its been 18 years and believe me friends. Some days feel like shit and some days well, she doesn’t even cross my mind.

It’s in the way I laugh. The way I joke and the deep voice that comes out when I want to scare my boys into behaving well.It’s the little things you know ,like when I laugh and cry at the same time. My mother used to do that a lot. She was a dark jewel who succumbed to HIV in the days where AIDS was a stigma.

I don’t even know how to describe my relationship with her. I know now that I loved her beyond words and being a mother myself , I can relate that sometimes relationships can be obscure and awkward especially between parents. I’ve learnt never to let my issues with my husband to affect how I relate with my children.

Marriage isn’t always rosy??… I am nonetheless still with my husband not that I’m in love with him daily but because I’m committed to our vows, what we have built and what we stand for and I choose that everyday. Have I wanted to quit?

Yea, Sure!

I have packed my bags a lot of times. One time I even went to Bulawayo with a heavy suitcase , two of them actually without any idea where I was going. ?????? Needless to say that I returned home on my own…dragging my heavy suitcases and cursing myself.

Did he look for me?

A big fat NO!?????
He thought I had gone to my sister’s.

Lets celebrate each other guys. Everyone has been endowed with different talents. I know for sure that Science and I.T isn’t my area but creativity is.Therefore, I applaud my brothers and sisters who are good in those areas.

Prince Musarurwa, I may not have known you personally but I do know that I enjoyed your songs especially ‘Runonzi Rudo’. I celebrate your talent today, May your family and loved ones be comforted. I know what it is to lose someone .

On another note If you see me dancing and singing in the street , join me . Let’s get mad and crazy together. Life is just too short. I intend to enjoy every minute of it. Live like there is no tomorrow.

Dance,Laugh,Cry and Love!???????????

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