You are currently viewing Corona Virus Scare? Let your hair down; Breathe! Breathe!

Corona Virus Scare? Let your hair down; Breathe! Breathe!

This week was really eventful. I failed to write anything during the week and I feel horrible as I always want to share with you guys what’s happening in my little space.

Firstly, I made up with my sister in-law. We had been fighting. At first, it was silent, then boom! The sewer burst out! Let me just say , some people say that we are made from the same cloth, but I beg to differ. We have definitely gone through the same pain of losing both our parents at a young age and well, we have been through hell, fire and came back more powerful and that. I’d like to think of ourselves as Black Strong African women. If the shoe fits then we shall wear it.

I’m definitely getting softer as I grow up, more empathetic and understanding than before. I think I like this version better than my younger self.. My sister got the bitter end of the stick because she had me wild and untamed. I believe I had a runny mouth and a very difficult personality. Everyone said that I was rude because I used to roll up my eyes when sent to do chores I didn’t like to do by my parents. I had a spit of fire inside my heart, dreamy eyes and a head full of imagination. Honestly, I loved the younger me also. As much as my elders hated my fiery temper, that’s what made me to embark on strange but fulfilling roads.

Anyways, I’m not hear to speak about that today . What i’m hear to talk about is what happened to me this week and not in the past.

Second Event

I participated in a 100m run! Yes I did! I even did the obstacle course.It was so much fun!I got to tell you. Sometimes, you just need to let your hair down. One of the things I always tell myself is that , I don’t want to wake up one day and wonder where all the time went to. I don’t want life to pass me by and I certainly want to live every moment. Days go by very fast guys. Enjoy every moment you get especially with your loved ones. Gosh!

A lot is depressing right now. Open all the T. V channels and you’ll hear about the Corona Virus. If its not the social distancing that we need to do , Its the ban of travel people are going through and lastly with a sinking heart, It feels like Africa isn’t taking this as serious as the whole world is. Infact, when I just think of our Health Sector, I feel scared to death. Trevor Noah has been asking this question on his show;

Is this the end of us?

Is it?

Have you guys watched Bird Box? I watched it a couple of months ago. That movie kind of scared me. This is how Covd 19 situation is making me feel. Did I mention that I’m also a slow processor?

Well, I am.

The numbers of people affected by this virus has risen and I don’t know If its fortune or not, but I’ve virtually interacted with some people so far who have told me how their political leaders have quarantined the whole country leading to people panick buying vitamins and food. Just over two years ago, our economy started taking a tumble. There was a huge rush of people buying bread , stocking up juices and anything they could get their hands on. I vividly remember the empty stalls, the hounding ears and eyes searching for basic affordable commodities on the ground. People may not have uttered a sound about the economic hardship and the feeling of not knowing what was going to happen but, the sound of hopelessness was deafening. It was sharper than a drop of water in a dark cave.

As I am writing this, a couple in Namibia have tested positive to this virus. Apparently, they are Spanish. Just yesterday, I was reading about a Thai person who ran out of Wilkins Hospital in Harare after being suspected of having the virus. Can you imagine him going around sneezing and infecting a lot of other unsuspecting victims? I was so appalled with his behaviour. What a selfish cruel human! Coming all the way from Thailand to run amok in our country , with all the issues we are facing right now, the last thing we need is that.

Third and final Event.

I took a risk. I’m a risk averse person but I’m glad I just told myself that it was worth a try and went for it and it paid off. I’ll come back to update you on this one when I am now in the midst of it.


Please take a few more cautionary steps in washing your hands thoroughly. Stop clasping hands when greeting each other. Its cultural but for now, its not worth it. Let’s teach our children also and lets stand in solidarity with all those affected.

Its a Saturday night and I’m popping some popcorns getting ready to curl up for a good movie.

Let’s connect.

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