You are currently viewing Covid-19 Current Affairs 21 Days Lockdown/How to hack your partner’s watsap.

Covid-19 Current Affairs 21 Days Lockdown/How to hack your partner’s watsap.

I have written countless pages and not submitted one as I wasn’t so sure If what I meant to write even made sense. I have always thought of myself as a person of quality and I believe in it so much that I don’t want to publish anything substandard.


Where do I even begin?

Covid 19 has got me feeling like my world is crashing down in a jiff! I have never felt so uncertain and overwhelmingly terrified. I think for the past days I haven’t been able to take a breather. My head has been reeling with G5, 666 mark of the beast news and the possibility that this could be the end of the world. Some have even gone as far as to mention rapture!

Who among you read that book about satanists in the 90’s?

We got it as a hard photocopied copy. I don’t remember who came with it home but it had some horrifying real life stories. Of-course , rapture, the end of the world etc wasn’t in my thoughts lately, but this disease somehow has embedded fear in people’s hearts especially, the Christian community.

If this is the end of the world? Are you all ready for the second coming of Jesus? If its not, have you guys noticed that we truly do not have full control of our lives? If someone had told me that the whole world was going to be in stand still because of a virus I would have scoffed them.


Here we all are , in our homes.

Now my question is, who are you with during this lockdown?

I have fought, fell out and back in love with my husband countless times, threatened my children with a hiding, and counted how many packets of tissue rolls we are now left with. Damn! If consumption was a name…..

Then, amidst all this chaos, BBC reports of Africans being mistreated by Chinese people.

I thought I’d see that on ZTV news….

I don’t.

I shan’t comment. It’s just so disheartening…

On another note, If you want to know what your significant other is busy doing on their phones, click here.

Don’t say I never looked out for you.

Stay Safe , Covid-19 is Real.

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