You are currently viewing Good or Bad Publicity? The year of rats explained ;Prophet Java; Zizoe rides on Mai TT’s popularity.

Good or Bad Publicity? The year of rats explained ;Prophet Java; Zizoe rides on Mai TT’s popularity.

You know, a lot has happened since I last blogged. Could we all please give a standing ovation to the Zim Celebrities who are entertaining us with their dramatic lives. Let’s give them a bells! Actually, lets all get vuvuzelas and blow those horns away!

From the self acclaimed Prophet , popularly known as Prophet Passion Java , The love birds Mukweso family popularly known as Mai Tt , Olinda and Tytan Saga and lastly the lit and blazing scandal of Apostle Casper Bonga and Grace Mpesa.

These people literally broke the internet!

I have been quietly observing and of -course, I’ve got something to say. I’m a millenial!

Millenials always have something to say!

Prophet Passion Java wants to be recognised as a Billionaire. He wants fame and he will do anything controversial to attract attention. It’s said that,

“All publicity is good publicity, as long as they spell your name right”.

This could be true for Panganai Java who instigates wealthy,popular celebrities’ anger by throwing offensive remarks. One of his well known sayings this year has been ‘Gore regonzo”, translated to a year of rats.

Do you know that the Chinese Zodiac has dubbed 2020 as the year of the Rat? They are powerful symbols of fertility, wealth ,plenty and success. In the ancient times, the Rat was worshiped and offered sacrifice in exchange for wealth and increased success. It is believed that the Rat has a godly character and can communicate with God and also , it can predict natural disasters such as as earthquakes, floods, droughts, and a plague of locusts.

I’m not going to throw around allegations here as Gucci has also teamed up with Mickey Mouse to celebrate the Chinese Year of the mouse. This is exactly the type of controversy that Prophet Passion rides on. The waves of fame will make people’s tongues to wag. People are and have been wondering whether his sayings are biblical or not and well, It doesn’t matter what kind of publicity it is, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about after all.

I’m also quite fascinated with how Zizoe Pamyk has succesfully clung to Mai TT. At first everyone thought it was all an act. Apparently , Zizoe is practically ten years younger and a better man to be called “baba TT’ as announced by Mai TT herself. When my dad passed away, she lived for five years without a man in her life. After those years, she started dating a Zupco driver who was not only a womaniser but an absolutely selfish man. My mother had extended the house that she had bought. Being a civil servant then, she had saved some money from the pension my dad had left . Unfortunately, she passed away without writing a will. My step-father adamantly refused to give me ownership of the house and for two or so years after, I didn’t get any rentals from the house.

Now, I’m not saying that’s what will happen to these two just that I learnt an important lesson then. Had my step-father not died, he had every right to claim what my mother had worked for tirelessly. Infact , he did squander the rentals till he died. Also, how about some restraint especially in exposing our kids to the man that we date. Shouldn’t you date a person for a couple of months if not years before you introduce them to your kids?

I don’t expect anyone to understand this except If you have once been in my shoes. Years have gone by and I still wish my mother had not involved herself with that man who infected her. I’ve got my cousins who were also left fatherless but their mother never dated anyone. She is now in her 50’s and I envy them so much. Of-course my mother deserved happiness and she had been left a widow at a very young age and I guess sometimes one has to take a risk.

Who was Zizoe before Mai TT? A struggling musician looking for a big break! Who was Prophet Passion before his #twabam #tswibidi etc? All this is one long carefully planned publicity. Don’t be surprised when there is a major turn of events. I should say, this year is promising to have a lot of twists and turns. Time shall tell.

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I will have to come back to this one another time.