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How To Have A Timeless Birthday Photoshoot


Yesterday was a wonderful day!


I got to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. Every year, I tell myself that I am done doing it and every year I find myself running around for all three of my kids. As I put my head to sleep, It dawned on me that I utterly love the adrenalin that comes with it. You see, I‘ve always fancied myself as quite an organized and energetic person. Those close to me may agree with the last personality trait mentioned. Contrary to it, I’m privy to planning. I don’t know what it is that lacks in me, whether it’s the fear of failure or the thought of having to see something taking shape. What I do know is that, before any event takes place, I always have tons of ideas and I do prepare or maybe that’s not preparation as such. Today, I’m convinced that it isn’t.


 You see, I never learnt how to properly prepare and plan for things because we were always short of money. It was never definite that something would happen, mostly, we were hopeful and prayerful about situations but never definite. Anyways, before I drift off from the main subject of this blog, my mother taught me to celebrate birthdays.


She was a woman ordained with so many talents. Besides her profession, she was a great seamstress and cook. She had an eye for colour and always organized things to perfection. I remember how she folded her clothes, cleaned the house till it was sparkling clean and worked hard as a mule. On one of my birthdays, specifically, my 6th birthday, my mother baked me a cake. Carefully placing it on her special brown plate, It read, ‘happy birthday Nomsa’. Truth be told, I don’t remember anything else but her presence. Two decades down the lane, I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to shower my children with the same adoration.

When my daughter turned one last year, I also planned to have a spectacular day but I lacked information. I have always taken advantage of my kid’s birthdays to spruce up my knowledge. It has always been a dream or maybe I’ve always fancied myself as an event planner. On more than numerous occasions, It has been suggested to me by my sisters. Of course, I vehemently turned it down denying the possibility, although secretly dying to become one. Some would call it a gift but sometimes, I feel as though it’s a sickness to be endowed with so many talents. I would always with a heavy heart quote that,
‘I was a jack of all trades and a master of none.

‘I was a jack of all trades and a master of none’.

I mean, look at me, I can write, sing, become an event planner, If I wanted and had the patience for it, own a catering company, be an interior decorator, run a business. All these things I could  do If and I reiterate if I had the patience to finish what I would have started. But I suffer! Oh, how I suffer from an inability to complete anything! I long to look at something I would have completed. Now, I understand the importance of encouraging athletes to finish their race when they start. I never understood it before.

Again, I find myself rambling a lot today. As I was saying, I always take advantage of my children’s birthdays to learn what event planning entails and this year was no exception.

What to DO

  1. Write your plans down


Take a notepad and a pen, that always works best for me, you could use your gadgets as well if you so wish.

2. D.I.Y

Do it yourself

Have headings like how much you want to spend and try to stick to the budget. It’s not easy to do that though. Try to minimize your expenses as possible. It’s only one day and you don’t want to break the bank, do you? There are many ways of doing this on a budget. You could use a carpenter to make the items you need for the photoshoot. When I did this, I figured that it’s either I was going to pay all my life for different services or take things into my hands. Therefore, I have purported in my heart to learn how to successfully hold an event or die trying. They say that,

the things you do when you have free time are the things you  will do when you age.

3.  Choose theme colours and design.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to choose. I knew that I wanted an outdoor shoot with balloons hanging in the air. I now know that for balloons to hang unsupported, they need helium and in my town, you need to order helium in advance. Unfortunately, I had not done enough research. It had to be classy and minimal. The truth is, having all this in the mind doesn’t hold water because you have to have pictures to know exactly what it is you need to buy to set it up. I lacked foresight, leading me to run around like a headless chicken on the day. I ended up choosing pink and white. I feel that these colours especially for a little girl, are warm and girly, needless to say, pink was once my favourite colour.


4. Factor in the time you will need to accomplish your setup

Setting up should have taken me an hour or two but It ended up taking 4 hours. I’m just glad that I’m usually an early bird.

time is of essence


Download pictures relevant to your theme. How you want your photos taken and show it to your photographer.


6.Plan Ahead

Make sure you start planning this 2 to 3 months earlier it gives you plenty of time to buy clothes, gifts and get a discount. Buy the necessary stuff needed a few months before time so that on the day you will not lose time and also buying in time saves money as you get time to compare. Matching outfits look really good on pictures and they cost less if done in time.

7. Get in touch with service providers early

Find relevant and recommended contact details of people who shall provide you with the necessary service, make sure you google their work first. It’s of utmost importance to make sure that the day comes out as perfect as possible. These pictures can also be used in decorating your house, so quality is important. Remember to always negotiate the prices.

I strongly recommend the following service providers:

Printzone  Multimedia +263 77 337 4242

Paperflowers by Nyari +263 77 528 8646

Cake was done by  +263  78 268 5671


8.Have Fun!

After all is said and done, prepare. Preparation is key!

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