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Lock down Challenges That Turn into Lifetime Habits/What Successful and Wealthy People Do.

Below is a message that has gone viral in most Social Network Services :

‘If you do not have anything to do during this lockdown, this is what your retirement will look like’


Now, I don’t know what you do, how or even where, BUT I do know that it is possible to start afresh and succeed in your chosen sphere.

This is not how your retirement will look like If you look at the following traits of succesful people and apply it in your life. One thing I’ve analysed about success is that you do not have to be very smart to be Successful. I know this is a very old and common adage but,


Don’t re-invent the wheel,just re-align it to a new wagon’

What I mean is that , you just need to find someone who has walked ahead of you and copy what they have done to succeed. You need a mentor, a well seasoned coach who will share their wisdom and experiences with you . Nowadays, its very easy. Google should be your your friend. There is nothing out there that you can not find .

I’d like to believe that there is life after COVID-19 and our lives may seem like they are at a standstill right now but , seconds are ticking, turning into hours , days and soon months , before you know it, this dark period of our life, this dark cloud shall be lifted off . When that happens, you will be ready to be counted among succesful people.


I mentioned in my previous blog ,click here, that ,

Good habits are hard to form, but easy to live with; bad habits are easy to form, but hard to live with.
I also stated that , You Need To Replace Bad Habits With Good Ones.

This statement has come back to bite me as I feel deeply that I need to explain to you how you can do that.

1.Develop The Habit Of Daily Goal Setting and Goal-Orientation

What most people do not realise is that you are what you think and what you spend your time on. I love sticky notes! I have them on my wall in my bedroom and everyplace I spend most of my time at. Firstly, they remind me of what I want to achieve and when. Secondly, they are a fresh of breath air when I feel down and out . Write down your daily goals in your journal or notepad in your phone. All of them intricate details and what you want to achieve. Think.Breathe.Walk.Eat.Sleep those goals and you will soon live them.

2. Be Results Oriented.

I’d like to believe that why we are all into smart technology nowadays is that , they give us results. The other day, after writing down my daily goal, I thought to myself, If Covid-19 was to be the end of me, what is one thing I’d like to achieve today? Since we all have been quarantined to our homes, this has given me plenty of time to work on my writing. Writing a meaningful and well thought out blog was what I wanted to do and that was my result for that particular day. You can check it out here. So, prioritise your thinking. Circle the important stuff first and embark on that before anything else. Be disciplined to carry it out until completed.

3. Be People Oriented.

They are either going to bring you down or lift you up. Besides being a Blogger, I have also worked as a Saleslady. One thing I noticed was that I am not an island. Know fully well, that you need co-operation and support from people to go far in life. Life shouldn’t be about Me Me Me! but also, about serving others. In African tradition, there is an IDIOM ‘Kandiro kanoenda kunobva kamwe’ . Simply translated to, how can I help so that I can help other people. If you sell goods , think about your customers first , who they are , what they want and how you can keep on rendering the best service and building relationships. It’s really important to have a bridge connecting you.

4. Your Health Is Your Wealth.

You need the best health to function well. Is food fuel or pleasure for you? We are all locked down right now and some of you are stuffing your faces with unhealthy foods. Ask yourself this question,

What do I eat on a typical day?

You can amass all the wealth in the world but If you aren’t healthy, you won’t live long enough to enjoy it. Be conscious of your diet!Eat lots of greens and drink lots of water. Don’t forget also to rest and exercise. Breathe.

5.Lastly, Be Self-Disciplined.

If you can master this,you are on your way to success. Consistency is key. Nothing beats the ability to work through something till it gives you results. Also, everyone can do something when they feel like doing it but it is when you drag yourself out of bed, when you feel out of sorts and when you don’t want to do something that’s when you are officially self-disciplined. I mentioned above that you need to replace bad habits to replace good ones. What is it that you need to stop doing? and what is it that you need to start on? There is no better time than Now. Start on it Today.

I promise you that by the time this lockdown is done, you’d have learnt something on my blog.

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