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5 Top Tricks To Do After Losing Your House-maid.

Topics to be covered this week are going to be a little sensitive. If you are of nervous disposition, I suggest you stop here. If you didn’t read the first mistake that people do with maids please click here. Now, what I’m going to talk about is real ladies and gents and I’ll try to narrate this the best way I can.

Those who knew my mom, know that I inherited some of her confrontational, feisty qualities. I should say this never went down well with my family. As I’m growing older though, these traits are slowly receding.

So, I’m a writer and also an English Teacher meaning that I think of words for a living and believe me this isn’t easy for me to talk about. When you are married, it’s not easy to just start rambling about anything and everything. You are scared of exposing yourself, your family, your husband, your in-laws, relatives and your kids. There are some topics, you don’t speak about because you don’t want to open a door that will be very hard to close. Newly wedded(traditionally married, or living in) people will agree with me that this path can be a strange and lonely one especially if you don’t have anyone to talk to.

Honestly, I’m not here to talk about marriage.

Let’s talk about…

Third Mistake

Most times when we employ our maids, we do not sit down to make a list of the duties, qualities,education, background and history we expect from them. The thing is, we mostly employ hurriedly because we will be in a tight fix. Those in agreement please say,



Either you’d have just lost one due to the holidays or just a misunderstanding and If you are like me, then maybe sometimes you can’t take the person’s attitude, you’ll most likely throw them out. You’ll talk about the situation with your close friends, relatives etc and of-course, people will be sympathetic. You then figure out that you can suddenly do all the chores and well a relative of yours will help out with the kids when you want to rush into town or do some errands.

After two days…..

Horror of all horrors! Your sister, aunt or whoever lent you an ear can not be bothered with your maid less situation. So, you have to employ someone fast. This is when disasters usually strike. Your head starts spinning and in front of you is laundry piling up, dirty dishes and a dirty house that needs to be cleaned. All of a sudden you forget about qualities you want, what more you can not keep on taking off days from work and the kids start screaming and pestering you like crazy. I’ve been there and I’m likely to be there again, who knows?? Only, this time, I am prepared for it!

Therefore, I’m going to help you with tricks to avoid such situations.

What to do:
1.From today onwards, keep contacts of part-time workers that you can contact when the  things go south (Can I recommend that you keep 2 contacts plus one of a maid agency)
2.Keep a list of questions for interviewing (please look at the list of questions to ask in an interview in my next blog post)
3.It’s better to wait and think it through before offering someone a job than to regret later. Do not rush.
4Please interview 3 people and more. Be conscientious in your search.
5.Weigh the pros and cons. Sometimes, It’s better to hire a person who is at home with children than someone who can not stand kids, that is if you have children. You can always clean up your own house your way when you are free so, don’t make that the most important thing. The well-being of children is more important than a clean house.

Once again, be ready for things going haywire. In my 8 years, I have seen that you can not solely rely on your employee staying with you for eternity. I have had situations whereby a housemaid would just wake up and say they needed to go home because their mother or child was sick or something like that. In all these years, I have been left stranded and helpless. This year, my previous maid waited for the day that she was supposed to resume work to tell me that she wasn’t coming back. Thank God I had contacts of a part-time worker, this totally saved me!

Don’t forget that your maid isn’t your confidante. If you have any questions as to why you shouldn’t let your guard down. Please, clickhere.