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7 Self-Help Initial Steps To Overcome Depression.

Okay, I admit! I thought I needed to push myself a little and well move on as usual but my body took a rest at the time my mind cried out for action. Since I last wrote my ordeal I just felt burnt out. I had these awesome ideas running through my head, strategies, a to-do list and a calendar full but I just couldn’t find the right words.

So, what changed?

My family and I traveled.

We met some beautiful souls, watched the sunset as we drove and shared some amazing time with the kids. After two exhausting days we went back home. I felt inspired, hopeful and ready to take the world.

Self Help Initial Steps To Overcome Depression

It is the nature of depression to think negatively about ourselves and our future and so, I’m going to outline some initial steps you can take to overcome depression when it hits. Some of these, I have personally used.

1. Change your behavior

So, changing behavior isn’t automatic.

When depressed, daily activities are overwhelming, and they always feel demanding to the brain. Sometimes, all you want to do is stay in bed and yet you may also start feeling guilty for staying in bed for too long when you can be productive somewhere. Instead of getting up from the bed and condescendingly chiding yourself to get out of bed. How about, you stay put and enjoy sprawling in bed by either reading a book or watching something you like? Most time we don’t want to get out of bed as a way of hiding from the world and instead f cowering and using the bed as an excuse, it’s better to change that feeling of guilt to pleasure. Remember the brain will be telling you that you don’t have the ability to do anything, so you will have to convince it that you can do things, bit by bit. After a while though, you’ll have to get up because brooding over problems only makes it worse.

2. Break Down Your Large Problems Into Smaller Ones
Sometimes, all it takes is having a sit down and jotting down your problems. Let’s take for example that you are going shopping. List down the things you want to buy and the shops you want to visit and the money you need. Try not to think of the hassles of getting around but rather focus on achieving your goal for the day. It does sound a bit boring but, this is to distract the brain from can’t to can. When usually depressed, your plans are always haphazard and insensible.

3. Plan Positive Activities
Often times we have the daily routine of boring chores awaiting us that we can’t seem to get away from. If you are a mom, there is always that laundry that needs to be folded or washed and maybe a house that needs to be tidied up, children that should be taken cared of etcetera. Honestly, the chain doesn’t end. You may even feel bad or guilty for not attending to your chores but you need to plan for positive activities to look forward to. If you like watching a movie, reading a book or visiting a friend then plan to do those things. Put them in your schedule.

4. Coping With Boredom
Life can be so boring sometimes. You know those mundane tasks that one has to do day in day out? It becomes monotonous. The key issue is diagnosing your trigger points and then taking steps to challenge them. This could be your daily routine; going to work, coming home, watching TV and going to bed. Does that sound a bit like you? Gradually your lifestyle can become nonexistent. You can slowly think of things to occupy your time. Start thinking of what you would like to do. Take a leap of faith. Do things you have always wanted to do but failed for some reason or the other. Join a local football club, start learning how to bake cakes from YouTube channels or learn how to dance. Depression can relate to social and emotional isolation. Surrounding and connecting with people can help you fight the low mood swings.

5. Increase Activity and Distraction
At times feeling depressed can make you feel agitated and simply relaxing doesn’t work in this instance. The mind does not settle and so distracting yourself with physical activities can help deal with depression. So many options to choose from, to name but a few,digging the garden, jogging,aerobic exercises, decorating. The mind can ruminate negative thoughts, these will never take you anywhere. Try to suppress those thoughts by finding something to do so as not to allow them to feed on the depressive mood. Your thoughts affect how your brain works.

6. Creating Personal Space
I don’t know how many times I have felt like running away from my own life. Crazy but true! Speaking for all mothers out there, I know the pressure of trying to raise kids, making the coin, being a virtues woman and also being yourself. Sometimes, you simply can’t deal! We can become so overwhelmed by our family’s needs sometimes that we can forget ourselves in the process. Create personal space for yourself by letting your family know that its time out for you on certain days and certain hours. Relationships can become claustrophobic from time to time. If you think that you need time on your own, talk to your close friends and relatives and just move away for a little. This will help to reduce possible resentments and urges of running away from yourself.

7. Know Your Limits
This I can not overstate. Depressed people are real fighters! You will never find them with their feet in the air taking a break. They usually become exhausted from overwork and can’t cope with the demands put on them. Sometimes, they push themselves to be better, this being characterized by perfectionism. This often leads to being burnt out. First stage is to admit that you, like all the rest of us, have limits to the amount of work you can do. It’s important to know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Secondly, think of ways that can replenish your energy. Take a day or two from work, travel, go for a vacation or have sometime out with the boys or girls. Anything that can help you replenish, do it! Never apologize for looking after yourself. We all need self-love. Most importantly, don’t criticize yourself.


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