You are currently viewing Succesful HABITS : SMART Goals to transform your life.

Succesful HABITS : SMART Goals to transform your life.

Half a year has passed but the glass is half full not half empty. Get a book again and vision boards and write down your goals.

Goal setting is a helpful tool in self-discipline and development. If you are serious about being the best in a particular field or transforming yourself, then have a roadmap of how you’ll reach your intended target. This will make you decide how to apply your time and resources to make progress.

Setting goals can be a daunting task and I’d like to help you in that regard. Take out your pen and paper. If you are tech-savvy then maybe your i-pad or tablet will do, although nothing beats having it raw on paper. Write all of them down again and make sure that they are SMART.

The SMART framework is your navigation plan to tell you how, where, what, when and who.

smart goals


I have seen goals like:

‘I want to be happy’

‘I want to be successful’

‘I want to go to university’

While there is nothing wrong with this, it’s just so random. What do you want to study at university? When do you want to go? What do you want to study? If you are specific then you will remove the ambiguity. Let’s suppose you owe someone money.

Don’t write, I want to pay all my debts. That isn’t specific.

Your goals would be specific like;

a)I want to pay my 500 dollar debt by November.

b)I’ll pay US 100 dollars every month.

c)I’ll pay in cash or by credit card.

d)I’ll start paying in July.

Narrow down the goals so that you’ll understand the specific steps you’ll need to take to achieve them.


Define what evidence will show that you are making progress. Write to the person you owe or the place that you owe that you are going to be paying 100 dollars a month starting in July and expect to finish in November. This is for accountability purposes.

Going back to our last example, When September comes, you’ll be able to measure how much you have paid and what’s remaining of the debt. If you haven’t started paying also, you’ll be able to measure that.


Don’t under any circumstance squeeze yourself into goals you are most likely not to achieve.

For example, pay off the debt of 500 dollars in 2 months. You know that you take home 500 dollars and after expenses etc, you are left with US 100 dollars. It won’t make sense to then commit yourself to paying US100 dollars monthly. You are setting up yourself for failure if you do that. Make your goals attainable, that guarantees you success.


Make your goals relevant to your long term goals. Don’t be intimidated by time in such a way that you end up committing financial suicide. Ask yourself why the goal is important to you, how achieving it will help you and how it will contribute toward your long-term goals. These questions should assist you in knowing how much time to put in or how much money to pay. What is the broader picture in a year’s time?


Have a time frame.

So, we now have specified, measured, attained and made our goal relevant, what we now want is to bind it with time. If you do not put a time to your goal. It will go on and on without producing anything. Therefore, write the following using our previous example;

I want to start paying off my debt from July to November or I want to learn social media marketing management from July to August 15. If you don’t achieve your goals by then, then go back and find out why?

Be SMART and think like an Optimist and transform yourself from being average.

After, stick them on a wall as a daily reminder. Don’t write down and then shelf the book. It will just gather dust and you will surely lose time. I assure you, time is lost is never found.

For those that do not have the means to do anything right now. I still say, write whatever you want down. You do not lose anything if you write it down, do you?

I believe in preparation. When preparation meets opportunity, guess what sparks?? SUCCESS!!!!! Also, I have seen what writing down does.

It creates a positive action for manifestation. What is your SMART Goal? I would love to share with you in your success.
I wish you success in your goal setting!!!!

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