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Family time

Visit Victoria Falls, Sleep in Cresta Sprayview Lodge and have a Wildlife Encounter!

Hey everyone! I ‘m so happy to still have this privilege to blog again. These past months have been bitter sweet! I have missed all of you especially my regulars that came to check if I had posted anything and of-course, newbies that accidentally or intentionally found me online. I also would like to personally thank those that checked on me after seeing that I just went Awol. Thanks a lot! I am going to reiterate this again, please check on your loved ones, especially now. This pandemic has been horrendous to a lot of people. It has one way or the other affected the big,small,wealthy,poor, average and you know just everyone from all walks of life.

Sadly, in the past weeks that I have been away, I got to know of 3 people , men to be specific that committed suicide. I was heart wrenched. I didn’t know any of the people closely but I was really hurt, especially when I read some of the comments their relatives and friends made. Most mentioned that they were shocked with the turn of the events as they had either spoken to these people a few hours before or a few days before, only to learn that they had taken their own lives. Only one left a note to say he couldn’t fend for his family and so , not only had he killed himself but his two kids also.

Could you please take a moment to think of that person you haven’t spoken to and just say hi, find out how they are doing. Depression is real and not choosy. I pray that the bereaved will be comforted.

On another note, I travelled! Oh,I had  so much fun with the family! It was just magnificent and about time too! We were on the road for 12 hours. Yep! While going, we had a breakdown. I almost felt  the world crashing down. The thought of sleeping in the bush didn’t sit too well in my stomach, especially with the kids and all. I could have borne the brunt if It had just been adults only.

We travelled to Victoria Falls!

What to do when travelling with kids!

  1. Make sure you start packing 2  to 3 days before.

  2. Do pack 2 or 3 extra outfits, underpants  and panties for the kids  and an extra pair of shoes just in case something happens.

  3. Make sure you eat filling food before travel. Do not go out of the house without them using the toilet.

  4. Carry toilet paper, wipes and water. Refrigerate your water the previous day and do not forget to also carry an extra bottle with non- iced water.

  5. If you have a toddler like me, download and save some music and cartoons that they like and make sure your gadget is synced with your car radio so that they get entertained throughout the journey.

  6. Lastly but not least, when you buy lunch , make sure you buy a lot of food as you do not know the kind of delays you may experience. We bought the KFC bucket , lots of drinks, water, lays chips and an extra wrap. Boy did all that food come in handy when we had a breakdown. We never ran out of food and the kids did not whine about hunger at all.


Mosioatunya- the Smoke that thunders!






We booked at the  Cresta Sprayview Lodge. The place is just divine! Since we were travelling with the kids , we  had booked into a family room. There were two separate rooms, the main door opened into the main bedroom with a king sized bed and plushy linen. We were immediately greeted by a cold front air blowing from the air conditioner. Victoria Falls is situated in the Northern Western of Zimbabwe. It is a small town that experiences high temperatures. Therefore, we were relieved to find the rooms as cool as a cucumber. On our right was a modern shower/bathtub full of white fresh towels, shampoos and washing gels. On our left was the kids room with 2 single beds covered with a mosquito net.  For the 2 rooms we paid  US$210 including bread and breakfast per night. It was worth every dime.


The Food


They served breakfast , lunches and supper in an open space in front of a beautiful swimming pool. We also had an option of eating in, which we took advantage of as we felt pretty tired, you know with the kids and all. We were fully attended by a waiter and a chef.  I felt like royalty, he basically did everything for us except feeding us of-course! He attended to all our whims and fancies without a inch of facial expression. It felt as if I had slept and stepped into fairyland.


Victoria Falls: The natural waterfall itself

We were charged US$5 per adult and half the price for kids. The standard age for kids charged is 6 years and above. Do not wear flip flops or heavy boots or sandals , better to be clad in a comfortable outfit and really good pairs of  gripping shoes. Carry a backpack with you , do not take a handbag as it is so hard to carry from one place to another. Lastly but not least, try not to carry any extra baggage as it is going to weigh heavily on you when you walk.




Since we travelled in the  middle of the Covid 19 pandemic, all the places were closed. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take part in any activities, but we were so lucky to have been invited to a newly opened place called Wildlife Encounters  where we fed the lions.  Honestly, never had I imagined the thrill I felt when I saw the lions. I felt the adrenaline shooting up when they charged. Those creatures are just majestic.  It was truly a sight to behold.  This signed off the end of our trip.

What a time to be alive!

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