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Why do married women cheat? Mai Prince,what happened? – Anonymous 2

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There has been a recent spat of expose’ of cheating spouses caught in the act.In most cases the woman becomes the subject topic to be remembered.Whether in the news or in conversation the headline screams “Married woman caught cheating!”. Following my comment on the recent article by Millenial Classy Mum,I thought of writing this as my response.

At least, from where I stand,culturally,It has always been considered normal that men cheat and get away with it.When a married woman shares her struggle with the family especially,she is told to “brace it,all men are like that!”. Life goes on for the man.

When roles are reversed however,women in most cases are considered to have committed the unpardonable sin.I don’t have statistics but I want to believe a lot more homes have been destroyed where mothers/women are caught in the act than where fathers/men are.

It is unfair that women are punished more than their “male counterparts “. My burning question though is,

"Have married women just started cheating at the rate we are exposed to now"?

I agree with a sister who commented that they have always been women cheating but with the advent of the smart phone,a lot are just being caught and exposed. My surprise conclusion is this,its neither here nor there who is caught cheating.The bottom line is,there is a


I say growing because this trend has been like that since time immemorial but society chose to look the other side where one party was concerned.Soon, however,I foresee an acceptance coming our way also where married women caught cheating are concerned. 

For the sake of future generations,the foundations of marriage need  to be taught again, both men and women need teachings about marriage.It is my hope and prayer that we can be the generation which says,”the buck stops with us!”

Let me know what you think. Is anonymous right? What is a marriage constitution? The first anonymous spoke about it being a place where the husband exercises his rights as the man of the house and the wife submitting. The second anonymous mentions that people need to learn what marriage is once again. She also states that the men are quickly forgiven by the woman when they cheat but no so when its the woman. Who does the judging? Is it the men? Is it women? Why are married women cheating with married men though? Is it better to stay in the marriage or to leave it?

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