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Why do married women cheat? Mai Prince,what happened? Anonymous 1

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‘Yesterday I was on the phone with one of my good friends and we started talking about our nephews
and nieces and she told me a very interesting story. She said that, as she was picking up her nephew the previous day she asked him what he had learnt at school and the little man said,

“Mommy , we were told to forgive and forget.”

I laughed so hard my boss came out of his office to see what was going on. Anyway the little man is not wrong because the bible instructs us to forgive and forget.
Just like the little man said, Christians like taking things at face value and because of that they miss the things that are right in front of them. After we all read “Why do married women cheat?” I had an opinion I thought of sharing and lo and behold my husband and I’s favorite chapter came up. We have read this scripture so many times and if you ask my husband the part he knows the most is verse 22 which talks about submitting and me being me verse 32 you could ask me even in the middle of my sleep and I will sing it to you.

Ephesians 5 vs 22 I am sure even the men that have never seen the inside of a church know it. They might not know where it’s found but they know it’s in the bible. At face value it talks about our physical marriages and please women don’t kill me but we have to submit to our husbands. When I am not being stubborn I submit to my husband and usually when I am in submission mode my husband does everything for me. I don’t know what it does to him and his ego but all I know is it get things done. Your husband is your Lord here on earth, I am sure before we all learnt to read we had to be taught, so before we can we all be able to submit to God we need to learn how to do it through our husbands.

Yeah this is a difficult pill to swallow,but guys this is what is written. Our husbands are the head of us and we are subject to them. I am not telling you to submit to your husbands all I am saying is Apostle Paul wrote a lot of books you like to refer to so you might want to think about it before you dismiss it.

As the chapter goes on, men are instructed to love their wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for it. I don’t know but I feel like this is the template of how a husband should be, he gives his all for his family. A husband is supposed to love his wife as his own body and he who loves his wife loves himself

A marriage is supposed to consist of a husband that will give his all to his wife and a wife that submits to her husband. The reason in my opinion why women cheat is because husbands don’t love themselves and women do not know how to submit to their husbands.

What do I mean husbands do not love themselves?

How many stories have we read now or seen of women being exposed by their husbands because they have cheated? How many men have cheated, in our society it is very normal for men to cheat, so how can you love yourself if you can cheat? How many men abuse their wives, physically, financially and emotionally?

Christ loved us first and remember men approach women first, all I am saying is if we all play our roles in this marriage institution we will avoid ever having women and men that cheat.


Let me know what you think. Is anonymous right? What if the husband does not love you as Christ loved the church? What if the woman does not submit ? Does this mean you should cheat?

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