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Why do married women cheat? Mai Prince what happened?

Everytime , I start to write something,I see lots of eyes reading my posts. It’s the nods I envision and love but it’s the shaking of the heads I’m nervous about. I have finally gotten the courage to talk about something that has been on my mind whether loved or not,I’m going to open that can of worms.

I’m sure most of you saw the video of mai Prince that went viral a couple of days ago. A married woman was caught pants down with a married man. A lot called her a loose woman with no morals and some cheered her on while others were neither moved nor shaken. I was a little bit shocked.

Why a little?

Well, I believe women don’t just cheat for the sake of cheating. Women are usually intentional in their actions. They don’t wake up and think , Oh, I like that man!I’m going to sleep with him. Nope! If there is anything like first degree cheating or punishments for cheating women,capital punishment is befitting because everything is carefully planned.

So, why do married women cheat?

  • Its usually triggered by how they are treated in their current relationship. Do their partners still worship the ground they walk on? Are they still keen on sleeping with them?
  • Do they still get texts and calls just to say “I love you’?
  • Everyone wants to be appreciated. Does the spouse surprise her with gifts, as little as a chocolate bar or anything that their partner picks up from the shops on their way from work.
  • Does the partner compliment her? Even If she gets a face lift, full botox , you know , the works. The man does not say a thing. My guy, your woman will cheat on you if given the slightest attention by another man.
  • Sometimes, they just want to revenge.It can be a simple as that. Take for example,mai Prince, who after having gone through her husband’s serial cheating ended up doing the same with another married man.

Oh, but mai Prince, you broke another woman’s heart. Why didn’t you cheat with a single man?

Decades past, women hardly cheated on their men. It was simply unheard of. I’m reminded of Pastor Bonnie Deuschle who cheated on her husband and was caught red handed. I applaud Pastor Tom Deuschle for handling this like a civilized human being though. He forgave his wife and moved on. Now their ministry is growing in leaps and bounds.

Now, I do not condone cheating of any kind. It doesn’t matter if its the woman or the man. I think if you are dissatisfied with your relationship. Its just best to either leave or work on it if it can be worked on that is. Unfortunately, It is degrading for a married woman to cheat. It’s the kids that bare the hardest brunt and the society is not forgiving to the woman who does so.

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